‘The next dash from cash has begun…’

In 2020, the ‘cash is trash’ trend sent gold,
tech stocks and cryptos soaring…

Today, you’ll discover a roadmap for what could
boom next — including what to invest in now!

Dear Investor, 
Everywhere you look, things are going up…

  • Silver UP +45%…
  • Bitcoin UP 670%…
  • Tech stocks like Tesla…UP 1,155%…
  • Copper UP 76%…
  • SA’s top 10 Miners UP over 120%…


And yet, not 6 months ago…

…the South African economy was the weakest it has ever been in 90 years

…unemployment hit its highest point, 30.1%…

…and while the South African economy was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic…

…it seems the low, low interest rates and a surge in profits for both mines and agriculture — has helped us resilient south Africans navigate the crisis far better than many anticipated.

So well in fact, that it’s about to have a dramatic impact on your money.

What we’re seeing is a lot of money exiting our banks.

In 2020, it sent bitcoin, gold and tech stocks through the roof.

Today, I want to show you where I think that cash is going THIS YEAR.

If I’m correct, the rapidly rising markets we’re seeing right now are the start of a much bigger trend.

One that could help you capitalise on the next wave of stocks to shoot up…or find yourself stuck in cash as the stock market moves higher.

There’s a very simple reason for this — one we’ve seen play out before…

In at least four international markets in the last decade, this migration out of cash has resulted in stocks soaring higher than anyone would have thought possible.

It sent…

The NASDAQ up 826%…

And the S&P 500 up 458%…

Now it’s South Africa’s turn. In fact, the SA market is already up 50% from its lows last year…

So, no matter how much cash you have to invest…

How old you are…

And whether you’re an investment veteran or a newbie…

It’s crucial you understand this trend before you do anything with your money.

Today, I’ll show you why — and more importantly — reveal THREE stocks you need to own.

So turn off any distractions…

And prepare to understand the idea that will reshape South Africa’s markets.

Why your ‘cash could be trash’ if you don’t act…

You know how the global authorities responded to the pandemic. They cut interest rates to near-zero. And began pumping money into the financial system via quantitative easing. At the same time, investors pulled their money out of emerging markets and dumped it into gold, silver, bitcoin and many tech stocks which is why many of them went almost vertical in 2020.

And the SARB didn’t react that different. They cut interest rates to the lowest we’ve seen in over a decade and only thanks to a tax revenue shock and a great year in the agriculture sector, were they saved from having to print money. But there are all sorts of other stimulus at play which could see a rise in inflation… A significant indicator that staying in cash could cause chaos for your future income!

We’ve seen this play out globally. And if those other markets are any guide, a lot of money will rush out of cash and into the stock market.

This chart shows you what I mean.


It’s a chart of the S&P 500, which is the largest stock market in the world.

Now, it’s soared over 450% from roughly 2009 until today.

Technology rose even higher than that…

The tech-heavy NASDAQ index increased over 800% over the same period.


While individual stocks soared 500%, 1,000%, even 2,000%.

But how many people actually made gains like that? Not many at all. And that’s because a lot of people have sat in cash and waited for things to improve before they got into the market. And in the meantime, many of the stocks they wanted to buy more than doubled.

So if you’re sitting at home, thinking you’ve missed the boat on the big recovery in stocks, don’t worry. There’s still time to capitalise on what’s going on and you don’t have to buy super-speculative stocks, either.

If you’re smart and you buy the right stocks, I think there’s money to be made…

First allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Joshua Benton, and I’m an Investment Analyst for South Africa's largest wealth building and investment publishing company, FSP Investment Research.

I’ve helped over 30,000 investors make the most profitable investment decisions. It’s my job to grow my subscriber’s wealth through all market conditions.

And I’ve got the track-record to prove it.

10 years of consistently outperforming
JSE All-Share


My whole goal here is to show you how you can, in a relatively low-risk way, start building a sizeable portfolio by owning the right SA stocks today.

Look, all markets rise and fall. We’ll see lots of corrections before this cycle is over. If you’re going to buy stocks, you must be prepared for that volatility. It’s just part of the game.

But the point is, anything major — and by that, I mean falls of, say, 20% or more — is just going to be met by more official attempts to prop things up.

And I want to show you how you can position your portfolio to profit from this phenomenon. Start with this FREE report…

Profit From The “Dash from Cash” with these three stocks!

The title pretty much says it all.

It shows you which stocks I reckon you need to own now to benefit from what’s happening.

Look, just one of these stocks could be the hay-maker in your retirement.

It could be the difference between having to work for another decade or taking early retirement.

Or living a dream retirement full of travel, family time and relaxation.

What you’ll see inside this report is just too life-changing to not have.

And If you like what you see, we’ll help you apply this for as long as you like.

Now, you might just want your copy of the report – and to get on with investing by yourself, straight away.

If that’s the case, then I wish you every success.

But if you would like me to keep guiding you – for as long as you feel you need me to – there’s a very simple way that we can work together.

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Reader Johnny Snyman said...

Firstly, you do all the research on a company and also indicate at what level a person should buy the recommended stock. This already makes it very easy to select and buy a stock, with a high probability that it would go up in price. This alone helps me tremendously to select and buy stocks.

Secondly, I noted over the years that your combined stock selections constantly outperformed the JSE substantially. This gives me the confidence to buy the stocks that you recommend. Apart from the above, you also inform us when to sell a stock, not withstanding the fact that you constantly update us on the performance of the companies that we invested into through stocks. This all makes it very easy to be successful in the long run, i.e. it is like spoon feeding. What more can you ask for?

I am one of those persons who kept on reading your advice for many years without investing at first. This gave me time to look at your track record over time without committing money. Not that I wanted to, but going through a financially draining divorce I did not have the cash to start off with at that time, but always knew that when the time was right that I would do so. With the opening of Easy Equities last year, the time came, so to speak. Thank you for informing and advising us on this opportunity as well. When I read about this new stock broker through your mail, I did not hesitate to open an account with Easy Equities and immediately started to buy your recommendations every month. Thus far,
my overall portfolio is in the positive, after only
a few months of trading!

It present, I cannot wait to receive the Real Wealth as I have budgeted an amount to invest every month. Lastly, I am at the age of 52 and wanted to make sure that I am financially sound when I retire. Some of your recommendations are medium to long term stocks which will most certainly help to ensure a financially stress free retirement. I already have a strong retirement fund, but one cannot be sure enough, and I can keep on trading when I am retired. (It will give me something to do and still be active at the time.)

Reader Shaheema Warner said …

I find Real Wealth an educational and informative read. Your advice in what stocks to buy and what to lose is almost always right. I have bought stocks that you advised, and it did very well. Your advice is clear, concise and easy to read and follow for any layman.

Reader Arend Venter said …

I have bought a number of your recommended shares and all of them showed positive.

Reader Graham Gray said …

Real Wealth is one of my best trading tools,
I use your recommendations and information regularly, especially the back portfolio, without
this information, I would not have the time to research good trades. Many thanks for a
great publication in these very turbulent times, keep up the good work.

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Joshua Benton,
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